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We look at a range of socialist newspapers that continue to educate and inform the working class. Indeed there are a number of excellent publications both internationally and here in Australia.

International Socialist Newspapers

Socialist Worker Newspaper

The Socialist Worker is a weekly newspaper published by the International Socialist Organisation in the United States. It covers a range of topics from a socialist perspective, including labour struggles, social justice movements, and international politics.

This newspaper also features opinion pieces and analysis from socialist writers and activists. With a focus on grassroots organizing and activism, The Socialist Worker is a must-read for progressive readers looking to stay informed and engaged.

Jacobin Magazine

Jacobin Magazine is a quarterly print publication that offers in-depth analysis and commentary on politics, economics, and culture from a socialist perspective. With a focus on historical context and theoretical frameworks, Jacobin provides a critical lens through which to view current events and social movements.

The magazine also features interviews with prominent leftist thinkers and activists, as well as book reviews and essays on topics ranging from climate change to labor organising. For progressive readers looking to deepen their understanding of socialist theory and practice, Jacobin is one of our must-read socialist newspapers.

The Nation

The Nation is one of the oldest and most respected progressive publications in the United States. Founded in 1865, the magazine covers politics, culture, and social issues from a left-leaning perspective.

The Nation is known for its investigative journalism, in-depth reporting, and commentary from leading progressive thinkers. With a focus on issues like income inequality, racial justice, and climate change, The Nation is a must-read for anyone interested in progressive politics and social justice.

Monthly Review

Monthly Review is a socialist magazine that has been published since 1949. The publication covers a wide range of topics, including economics, politics, and culture, from a Marxist perspective. Monthly Review is known for its critical analysis of capitalism and its focus on social justice issues. The magazine features articles from leading socialist thinkers and activists, making it a must-read for anyone interested in socialist politics and theory.

Australian Socialist Newspapers

Green Left

Green Left (GL) is not-for-profit, activist media, carrying the news, analysis & debates of environmental and social justice campaigns and movements.

This is a paper by and for the green and progressive movement. GL reflects the socialist movement in action and in discussion. It covers the controversies and the concerns as well as socialist achievements and celebrations.

green left newspaper
Green Left Newspaper

Socialist Newspapers: Red Flag

Red Flag is an Australian socialist publication. It features analysis, radical history, Marxist theory and artwork from leading left wing writers, designers and artists in the country. Red Flag is a not-for-profit publication and does not accept corporate advertising.

Red Flag is published bi-weekly by the Trotskyist organisation Socialist Alternative. It is also associated with the podcast Red Flag Radio.

Thank you for reading about these socialist newspapers.

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