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Our Top 10 Socialist Songs

Socialist songs, often referred to as “protest songs” or “songs of solidarity,” have been an integral part of social movements advocating for workers’ rights, social justice, and equality.

1. Imagine: John Lennon

2.This Land is Your Land: Woodie Guthrie

3. Talkin Bout a Revolution: Tracy Chapman

4. Joe Hill: Paul Robeson

5. Bread and Roses: Judy Collins

Bread and Roses: Joan Baez version

6. The Internationale: Toscaninie

7. Union Maid: Woodie Guthrie

8. Ringing of Revolution: Phil Ochs

9. We Shall Overcome: Pete Seger

10. Aint done nothing if you ain’t been called a red: Faith Petric

These are just a few examples of socialist songs that have resonated with movements for social change throughout history. They continue to inspire and unite people in their struggles for a more just and equitable society.

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